Art Show


Four of my paintings are on display at the Santa Rosa Plateau Art show in Murrieta, California until August 12th.


Watercolor Umbrellas


I loved the picture of colorful umbrellas wrapped up at the end of a summer day and painted them in watercolor.

Getting Ready


At the end of this month the Santa Rosa Plateau Art Show begins and I’m submitting a few paintings. I still haven’t decided how many or which ones.

Many of my paintings have the subject of the Plateau and it will be interesting to see how my work will be received.

Last Day of my Art Booth


It’s Sunday the last day of the Temecula Art and Street Painting Festival. It’s my first art booth and the support has been great. The wind the the afternoon was problematic and all the venders tied their wares down and buckled to bare the gusts. I’ve met so many different people, a young girl with a service dog that they adopted from the pound, children asking about animal paintings and other artist comparing notes on art. Having a exciting experience here at my art booth.